( A few snapshots from the event )

The Peninsula Glass Guild held a members & friends picnic, Sunday, June 4, 2000 at historic Fort Monroe (Phoebus/Hampton VA) on the Chesapeake Bay. The turnout was good, though the weather could have been better! (If you want rain, plan a picnic or wash your car.)

Counting the glass blobs (not the winning guess though)

A brief meeting to vote on the revised bylaws and reminders of upcoming events

Chill-chasing at the smoker (before the rains)

Source of the Heat

Food's On!

Dressed for the weather & enjoying the food

Two days before the event, the weather was hot. The day before, it was perfect. And picnic day?.... well it was cooler, windy, and worst of all, rainy by mid-afternoon. Other than eliminating much chance of volleyball or other beach games, it didn't dampen the spirits of those who attended. There was plenty of good food to go around (pork BBQ, fried chicken, slaw, beans, and spud salad by Smokey's of Norfolk), along with the usual picnic beverages and some homemade desserts. A couple of door prizes/contests (guess the number of glass "marbles" in the jar) added to the fun. And while most people stayed under safety of the picnic shelter roof, the wood-fired smoker was also a popular spot for those who needed to chase some of the chill away...before the rain started.

Thanks to the organizers and all the members who attended.

- Let's do it again next year! -