Cristallo Artisans - Newport News, VA

February 11, 2007

Glass Painting Workshop - Planning for a Fundraiser

The February 2007 Guild meeting was hosted by Cristallo Artisans (Ali Rogan & Heather Hartle) at their studio in Newport News. besides the regular Guild business, those attending participated in a workshop of sorts -- painting wine glasses with vitreous enamels. These glasses created here will be offered for sale at the next annual show, opening night, in December of 2007.

Glasses were usually masked to make sure paint was kept out of the "drinking" area. Each person created their own design for one or more glasses.

A variety of colors were available for use on the glasses. Guild President Heather Hartle (right lower corner) gave a brief introduction to technique and explained the color pallet before everyone started painting.

This final shot shows all the glasses ready for firing in the kiln. To see the final results and purchase one for yourself (to use at the opening and then take home of course) don't miss opening night in December.

Thanks to Heather and Ali for the use of the studio and for providing the paints and glasses.